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Smart Card (Payroll Card) User Costs

Fees charged by A1 Financing & Loans (A1)

Card purchase $10.00
Card loading fee (this is above MasterCard's card load fee item # 4-MC) $5.50

Fees charged by MasterCard (MC)

Monthly fee $3.95
Merchant & retail purchase (requires client's signature)
No charge
ATM withdrawal fee (within Canada) $1.75
Deposit onto card (card load  -  every time the card is loaded) $1.50
ATM balance inquiry $0.50
ATM balance inquiry (with ATM cash withdrawal)
No charge
ATM International withdrawal fee (Outside of Canada) $3.00
Foreign currency transaction fee 3.50%
Refund $10.00
Chargeback $10.00
Card replacement $10.00
Prepaid card to card transfer $2.00
Call center customer service fee (calling 1-800 number) $1.50
Automated voice response fee (calling 1-800 number - automated voice) $0.25
Website card balance inquiry $1.00


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