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Pay Advances

Pay Advances are becoming more and more in demand as working people find themselves faced with unexpected bills and expenses and need a little help to get through these times. After all, most of us have faced or will face financial difficulties from time to time. That is why our well trained staff can be of great help to you.

Since Pay Advances are just as the words imply, an advance on your next pay, the loans that we make to you are due to be repaid when you receive your employer’s pay.

To qualify for a Pay Advance Loan you must be able to meet ALL the requirements:

  1. You must be a resident of Canada
  2. You must be employed full time with the same employer for a minimum of 90 days (3 months)
  3. You must have an active bank account; an active bank account is a bank account where your pay is deposited and from their you pay your bills and do your purchases
  4. You must be of legal age of 19 years and older
  5. You must be receiving benefits such as long-term pension, or CPP pension
  6. You must be receiving Child Tax Credits (CTC) with a benefit over $550 or more, if your CTC is less than $500, you will not qualify for an advance

If you qualify, the maximum we will lend you is 50% of your take home pay. If your take home pay is over $1,000 the maximum we will lend you to start is $500. After you borrow and pay back successfully you are eligible to borrow 20% more on your 4th loan. If you successfully borrow and pay back, you can eventually borrow up to a maximum of $1,500

How you receive your advance

If this is your first-time to borrow and you are not close to our offices, you will receive your advance via an e-mail money transfer. Please note, to receive an e-mail money transfer you must have on-line banking.

If you apply at our office, you have the choice to receive your advance either on our ATM card or by e-mail money transfer. Our ATM card is a gift to you, you keep the ATM card to receive other advances that you may need from time to time. The advantage to having our ATM card is that you will have access to your advance in any area that has ATM machines within Canada or any other country. However, you also have the option to receive your advance by e-mail money transfer no matter where you are, in Canada or in any other country. There is a $1.50 service charge for an e-mail money transfer; a $4.00 service charge for our ATM card. FYI, receiving an e-mail money transfer is less expensive for you.

Documents we will need to receive from you

If you are a new client, in other words you have never received an advance from us before, we will need:

  1. Your online Loan Application
  2. Your last 90 days of your bank statement showing your pay going into your bank account
  3. A pre-authorized debit form or void cheque (either document; pre-authorized or void cheque, must have your bank logo stamped on these documents to authenticate this document is your bank account information)
  4. A copy of a government issued picture ID
  5. A copy of your SIN number. Your SIN number is needed to confirm you are a Canadian resident. Your SIN number is also used to confirm you are not in our system under a different name. Your identity and SIN number received will be strictly guarded and protected.

If you are a returning client, in other words you have had an advance from us before:

  1. We will need your loan application with your first and last name
  2. We will need to know the $ amount you want to borrow
  3. We will need your current bank statement showing your last pay deposit

*If you don't feel comfortable by applying online you can also submit your application by fax or email. Please ask one of our team members.

How do you re-pay?

  • The easiest and most convenient way to repay is to have us debit your bank account automatically for your payment.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can send us an email money transfer for your payment.
  • Or, you can come into our office and pay by Interac.