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Payroll Cards (Stored Value Payroll MasterCards & Smart Pay Cards)

Smart Pay Prepaid MasterCard - Individual Benefits

  • No Debit Fees – ZERO $ FEES when used to purchase goods and services.
  • Personalized with your name – Valid and recognized 2nd ID.
  • NO lineups to pick up your cheque – protects privacy and saves time.
  • Does  NOT Expire – no surprise cancellations or hidden fees.
  • Direct Deposit ALL payments – just like a regular bank account all payroll and payments can be direct deposited onto the Smart Pay MasterCard – each card comes with its own bank account number!

Smart Pay Prepaid MasterCard  – Where Can I Use It?

  • At all ATMs in the world,
  • At grocery stores,
  • At department stores,
  • At gas stations,
  • For Internet on-line shopping,
  • For hotel reservations,
  • For airline tickets,
  • For car rental reservations.

What will the Smart Card cost?

You can look at the table of costs of the Smart Card or you can call us at 1-877-669-8811 if you wish to speak to one of our well trained staff regarding the cost and use of our Smart Card.

For more information, email us at services@a1-financing.com.

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